Just fun tried to get an import working via this shim (already had it
working via regular delimited text driver).

Have a moderately complex style sheet that makes use of the exslt function
node-set() which is available in the engine. This coerces a result tree
fragment back into a node-set.

Hosting the shim in a remote loader.

This node-set function doesn't work/isn't available according to the
messages I see on the shim trace.

Determined that the shim uses some form of xalan (is this now built into
the JRE?) for XSLT processing.

The docs tell me that Xalan (full) should support both exslt's node-set()
and a built-in nodeset() extension function.

None of these seem to work for me. The shim can't find the classes

Anyone played around with this?
The node-set function sort of a must-have in this style sheet as it is used
for several different purposes.

Question number two.

Can the XSLT engine as loaded by shim run ecmascript functions like the
NetIQ one can?

If so how?