We are using IDM 4.5.5 on windows and IDM user application database used is MS SQL Server. We have a workflow called "SAP CRM Access" that is used for SAP role access reqeuest with start/end date. The user has requested this workflow in 10th January 2017, for a role with start date as 15/Jan/2017 and end date as 30/Apr/2017. The role was assigned. And the role got expired/revoked on 30th/April. No issues on that.

The user has requested the same workflow, same role again in 5th May with start date as 10/May/201 and end date as 31/July/2017. It got assigned. No issues.

The issue is: As an administrator, in iManager, when I see all the workflow request by this user, I see only one request that is raised on 5th May.
I don't see the workflow requested on 10th January 2017.

I suspect that the IDM has deleted/cleaned up the workflow request as the role got already expired. It has the workflow request only for the active period.

Is that understanding correct? Is that the default behaviour of IDM.?

I have checked directly on the database tables as well. I see only the latest workflow request ID, and dont find the old one which was expired.

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.