Today we made the upgrade to OES 2015 SP1 SLES 11 SP4.
We start with this enviroment:
TWo machines SLES 11 SP3 OES 11 SP2
One machine SLES 10 SP4. This holds the master replica.

After update the SLES 11 SP3 machines we run the installation of OES 2015 Sp1.
Here we found the first error: All certs were lost here. We deleted the CA and create a new one and all server certs.
The installation fails again. So we uninstalled all OES components on the SLES 11 systems.
On the installation process we chose installation to a an extisting tree. After this we declared one SLES11 Sp4 machines to master.
For the moment we have this situatuion:

The SLES11 SP4 OES 2015 Sp1 machines have a replica on each machine. The were no OU or user present.

The SLES 10 SP4 machine has all OUs and all users and one machine of the SLES11 machines.
Its nice to have clear eDir, but I would prefer to havre all my objects in eDir. (The SLES 10 machine will deleted in near future.

Is someone here, who can tell me, how move the ojects to the SLES 11 machines? The name of the is on both replicas the same.
We need the eDir for Groupwise and Messenger.

Thanks a lot for all your ideas.


Dirk Emmermacher