We have netiq idm 4.5.5. We have a requirement where we need to add users to cyber ark PIM safe (version 9.7) from IDM.
In cyberark PIM, there is a safevault which contains 'safe' for each servers. so we need to user to member of a safe. so that the user gets the access to server via PIM.

Please let us know how can we implement this.

Note: the cyberark team suggested us to use the PIM REST API to add users to safe. We tried the same but it seem very complex as it involves 3 step approach like the below.

step1: authenticate and get the auth token
stpe2: add/remove user member to safe
step3: logout

we tried to user NetIQ REST driver using JSON request but we are not able to achieve the above 3 steps. We are not sure whether its doable using REST driver.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.