Trying out the new iPrint for OES and we are running into an issue. We are looking at using this for our new halfbooks (chromebooks as other people call them). The problem we are running into is that the login screen users are presented when installing a printer to a halfbook is not taking the users full DN (.user.ou.o). We use full DN everywhere because CN is not globally unique in our tree. Example: In my test environment, I have 2 jholder users under different OUs. If I try to login using the full DN (.jholder.context) I get "No such user with name" in the logs. If I try to use jholder, I get "Multiple users exist with name jholder" which is obvious.

I'm guessing that the login is strictly looking at the CN field in eDirectory. Is there a way to change that to another field? We have a custom field in eDirectory that contains the full DN in NDAP format that we would like to use. It's what we use for Filr and other LDAP connected services.