I was just tinkering; did some reading talking about Microsoft client for Networks creates needless traffic. In the old days I would always install both the Netware client and the Microsoft client on each workstation; that way we could access the OES server AND also use samba to access other servers, like a NAS running samba.

Anyway, just tinkering on my WIN10 machine, I removed the Microsoft Client and File Sharing for Windows networks, restarted my machine and I COULD STILL ACCESS OUR SAMBA NAS. So did the later OES Client add this functionality, or did they tweak something in WIN10 that added this ability?

I tried the same thing on a WIN7 machine and it would not work, could still access the oes server, but not the NAS. It had to have both clients installed to access both the OES Server and the NAS through Samba. But on the WIN7 machine I was using the last NW Client 2. I have yet to try it with the OES2sp4 client on a win7 machine.

Asking to see if it would be advantageous to go to all the workstations and get rid of the Microsoft Clients and File Sharing for Microsoft Networks. We do not have any Microsoft Servers, or AD. Our OES Server handles dhcp, dns, etc.