I am running OES 2015 SP1 on SLES 11 SP4. I have an iSCSI connection to an Equallogic SAN and have the HIT kit 1.5.0 from Equallogic installed. I have used the ehcmcli login command to add the target to the server and when I run ehcmcli status, I see the Equallogic volume listed under the volume list.

Next I go into nssmu and try to initialize the device by highlighting it and pressing F3 but nothing happens. I was able to initialize it by running nssinit -f and then it showed up as initialized in nssmu. So I then went back into nssmu to try to create the pool. When I started the creation process, it saw the Equallogic volume but instead of reporting it as 500 GB, it reported the size as 2 TB! I selected it and specified 500 GB then pressed F3 to commit it but nothing happened. What am I missing here?