Have a position in the company that is experiencing "churn". At some point along the way, the Groupwise / OES user has not been happy getting renamed so many times.
We have a situation where we have the newest user on board, and the mailbox linking or whatever is screwy. The new user has none of the messages in the mailbox, yet the person who can proxy into the box sees the messages. Checked the proxy link and it was pointing to the previous user mailbox, but has the new user's name. When we unproxied and tried proxying back, it actually showed 2 accounts with the new user's name but linked to different mailboxes (one to the previous user, one to the new user). If they tried to proxy to the "new user", it would not let them. It would let them proxy to the previous user. So we tried to remove the new one, which was empty anyway, and it ended up removing both mailboxes/users. Turns out both had the same File ID associated with them (checked some print screens made before all this.) So I tried restoring, but it seems not to want to link again since the old user account is gone.

If I go back to a Master backup of the post office and restore one of the previous mailboxes (that belonged to a user I'll call Jsmith), in order to allow a login and such do I have to create an eDirectory account for jsmith before I can login to the restored box and move the contents to the current user? Or is there some magically easier way to get this done? Due to the churn there has not been any real activity in the mailbox, so I can go back a ways to do the restore if need be. I just need to find a way to get the contents into the current user's box since I can't just do a simple rename any more.

I know this is weird, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I am really hoping they'll actually be able to keep someone in this position so we don't have to keep doing this renaming stuff.

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