Hi All,

LDAP Designer is live! We now provide connectivity using LDAP protocol instead of NCP protocol, which results in significant performance improvements.

Build: https://dl.netiq.com/Download?buildid=rkpE0M5Wz_M~
Release Note: https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...eisgner46.html

This is a separate release. The regular NCP-based Designer (latest being Designer 4.6) is still there.

While you can read the release notes to see what has changed, one important change that Designer (LDAP) bring is that if your Identity Vault server resides in a private network, Designer (LDAP) 4.6 allows you to map the serverís IP address to an external IP address. Designer (LDAP) creates a one-to-one mapping between local and external IP addresses (to support cloud environment through NATed addresses)