I am running ZCM 11.4.3. Our new desktops for this fiscal year are HP ProDesk 600 G3 MT's. When PXE booting, it goes as far as:

>>>ZENworks installation program v5.0.87 (c) 1996-2016 SUSE LLC <<<
Starting udev...

I had one time where I was pulled away from this project from the afternoon until the next morning. Somehow, when I hit "enter" to start troubleshooting again it advanced on and started imaging on it's own. I use ENGL Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7.

I am by no means a Linux guru, so I would appreciated any help. I have over 90 of these machines to image and distribute to our campus. I'm assuming it is some hardware driver causing the problem, but really don't know how/where to start troubleshooting.