Filr 3.2 Update is now available via the Filr Online Update Channel. This update delivers both New Features and Bug Fixes, summarized below. For more details on the new features and installation steps, please consult the Filr 3.2 Release Notes and/or the Filr 3.2 Update page and/or the Filr 3.2 Update Documentation.

Some important notes about this update:

  • This update can be applied directly to Filr versions: 3.0, 3.1 or 3.1.1.
  • Updated Desktop and Mobile clients are also part of this Update.
  • This update is applicable to Filr and Filr MySQL appliances (excluding Filr Search appliance).
  • The sequence in which the update is applied to Filr and Filr MySQL is NOT important (Filr first or MySQL first, both work the same).
  • Unlike Filr 3.1 online-update, this update is a single step update and does NOT require a secondary step to re-configure the appliance.
  • For a clustered Filr deployment, we do ask that you Stop the Filr service on all nodes first before applying the update.

New features introduced in Filr 3.2:
  1. Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  2. Multi-Factor authentication using NetIQ Advanced Authentication support for LDAP users
  3. Enhancements to the File Type Blocking Functionality
  4. TLSv1.2 support for Filr Desktop and Mobile clients
  5. Reporting Enhancements for User Shares
  6. Integration with Microsoft Office as a Storage service
  7. MySQL phpMyAdmin update to v4.4.15.10

Bug Fixes in Filr 3.2:
  1. TID 7018847 - Error 404 when an External user attempts to self-register in Filr
  2. TID 7020160 - Some files are not listed when using a preconfigured filter in Filr
  3. TID 7020161 - AD users see Error 400 when trying to open files from NSS AD volumes
  4. TID 7020162 - Filr Desktop client shows Net Folders even if option to allow synchronization is disabled
  5. TID 7020163 - Filr Desktop and Mobile Devices fail to connect when fronted by Access Manager 4.3
  6. TID 7020164 - WD Smartware triggers file downloads in Filr Desktop client
  7. TID 7020165 - Moving a folder fails with a Could not be moved because of an I/O error
  8. TID 7020166 - Windows Blue Screen (BSOD) crash during Kaspersky AV scan
  9. TID 7020167 - User authentication fails using LDAP attribute mail when fronted by Access Manager
  10. TID 7020168 - GetViewInfoCmd failed error when attempting to login to Filr web interface
  11. TID 7020169 - Using Microsoft Print to PDF to save in Filr folder fails
  12. TID 7020170 - Using Windows Snipping Tool to save in Filr folder fails