When forwarding an email containing embedded images (such as signature logo and facebook/twitter buttons), the embedded images are also added as jpeg attachments.

This is what we are seeing:

External email comes into the system with some embedded images.
Click on Forward and while you are composing the message you can see the embedded images exactly as received and there are no attachments.
After you hit send, if you check the sent item it will show the embedded images as expected, and will also contain separate jpeg attachments of the embedded images.
Forward this again and it adds an additional jpeg attachment. This is consistent behaviour, with the number of attachments increasing every time you forward the message.
Reply to the message (whether the original or any iteration of forwarding) and you get the same number of jpeg attachments as you would on the initial forward.

Have tested this on several machines here, all running GW 2014 client 14.2.2

Is this expected behaviour?
Anything we can do to change this so none of the embedded images are also added as attachments?

Quite frustrating for users, particularly if there is a long trail of repeatedly forwarded messages (thankfully that doesn't happen too often).