when a user tries to upload a picture, that is bigger than 64 kB, using the dashboard (Identity Manager Dashboard version 4.6.0 was built on 2017-Feb-14 06:49:53 from revision 1062) into his profile, a confusing error message appears, when he wants to save the profile:

Ldap error updating object: cn=myuser,ou=users,o=data. Error: javax.naming.NamingException: [LDAP: error code 80 - NDS error: insufficient buffer (-649)]; remaining name 'cn=myuser,ou=users,o=data'
Using the IDMProv page, the EntityImageUploadPortlet shows a more descriptive message:

An error occurred during file upload. The file size might exceed the directory size limit. Please contact your System Administrator.
Is it possible to give the user a hint in the dashboard about the maximum size?
Is it possible to create a more descriptive error message if the picture is too big?
Where is the size limit described in the documentation? I had to search the forums to find a hint somewhere.