I am moving a new PRD over to 4.6 and ran into a bizzare behavior.

There is a field in the form called "siteLocation" which is a picklist of DNs. All working good. I added a feature to this PRD which disables fields unless you have access to modify them, to allow the HR application (Workday) to remain the authoritative source. But I need to use the dn in that field in my workflow to look up information. When the field is disabled, data does not flow from the form to the post map of the start activity. When it's enabled it does. I checked that within the form I can get the value of the field when it's disabled (I added a button to check it). I can work around this using an intercept to enable all the fields before submit, although that's a bit of a pain because there is no function to enumerate all the fields in the form so I will have to add a list. I'm also not sure yet if this affects all disabled fields or just dns or just picklists...

But I don't remember ever seeing this behavior before, is this a 4.6 bug or new "feature"?