I’m new to zpm but not new to zcm (17 years!)
I need some clarification please …on few things:

Vulnerability Detection Schedule is the time that the machine detects a new vulnerability based on the policy that the machine will get? What’s the ideal setting, one a day?

Patch Policy Pre-Install Behavior – I didn’t understand what is it…is that for a new machine?

Patch Policy Settings – this is the time that patches will be installed.
I read on “Cool Solutions” on PatchWatcher – are you using it? Is it helping the users to understand when the patches are installed? When you configure this, you leave the “Schedule Enforcement” on the default?
If I have few patch policy can I schedule one that will run one a week and other that will run once a month?
Should I have to cache every patch manually?

Thanks in advance for any help :-)