I had posted a while ago on this and got very useful documentation and info here. Thanks a lot.

However, the project was on hold and my thread was closed.

We need to migrate a Groupwise 8 domain and postoffice from a Novell SBE to a SLES 11 Groupwise 2014 system.

I followed the documentation in https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7008877

However, when selecting the domain - or postoffice - to upgrade as described in step 4 we get the message:

*com.novell.gw.directory.exception.GwNamingExcepti on: Invalid path (56069)

I have been searching online for this, but have not found any answers that are in relation to a groupwise migration.

I would greatly appreciate any help, currently we are stuck.

Thanks a lot.