We are currently using the NetIQ Salesforce driver & a customised SOAP driver to sync data from a Salesforce instance. Currently the drivers are using TLS 1.0, but TLS 1.0 support is ending with Salesforce and they will be preventing all TLS 1.0 connections from mid July.

Current version information:

eDir version: 8.8.8 (Bin version 20801.46)
Salesforce Driver:
SOAP Driver: 3.5.7

I have tried to the read driver documentation to see if the latest driver patch will allow this, but been unable to find the information.

I did read an article which suggests that eDirectory must be version 9 as a minimum. Upgrading eDir is not an issue, but will the drivers automatically then use TLS 1.1/1.2, or is there some driver customisation needed there also?