Although I only use it on one site, I'm a long standing Novell User/admin (22 years) and I happened on the Microfocus site while searching for an update for the Windows 10 Novell client in the hope that it might fix a peculiar problem I'm having with running batch files across the network.

I downloaded and installed the "Client for Open Enterprise Server" (for Win 10 64) which is apparently the latest version of the Novell Client. When installed, I found that it would not allow me to access (from Windows) one of the two servers I have running under the same tree.

Both servers are visible in Windows file explorer and I can explore the backup server but not the main one. (It is functioning and serving the rest of the network as it should. Only my workstation, with the new client installed, is unable to access it.) This applies whether I login with my standard username or as admin. (and yes, I checked that my rights in both roles remain as they always have been, with full rights to both servers)

I should make it explicit that I do NOT think this is a Novell or even "networking" issue as I can fire up ConsoleOne from this workstation and access both servers and the folders and files on them with no trouble. It is only Windows that displays the server and then, when I try to access it, tells me it can't find it! I'm guessing this is some kind of cacheing issue and I'm hoping someone reading this has seen the symptom before and can offer some idea what I can do about it.