(Filr 3.1 Std Edition)

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong would be appreciated.

So. I want to give a group of users FILR access to a Directory on a QNAP. I've created a user on the QNAP, given it read, write access to the directory on the QNAP.

I have created a QNAP link in Net Folder Servers using this user on the QNAP.
I have creaete the Net Folder which is just the name of the QNAP and i've told it to allow access from one eDirectory group and one eDirectory user.

Logged out of the Filr Server, logged in as those users in the group and the extra individual that i added and gave access to it. None of them can see the QNAP Server in their list of Net Folders.

If I login as admin on the Filr Server (The local Filr Admin) then look under Net Folders, hey presto the QNAP Server is there and i can browse it just how I wanted. But log back into the eDirectory users, and cannot see it.

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong but cannot see the wood for the trees.

QNAP Server - Check
QNAP Net Folder - Check
eDirectory Permissions - Added one eDir Group and one eDir user - Check but doesn't work.

It's probably me doing something else very simple wrong, but any ideas what I might be missing out to let the users in this Group