I access the Login scripts through ConsoleOne.

I went into my own user object to create a login script. Mapped a few drives and tried to save it. It failed with the following uninformative error message:

Unknown meaning for error number 0x1;
Please call a Novell support provider An error occured writing the changes to NDS. Some data may not have been written.

Google didn't throw up anything remotely similar so I made a working assumption that perhaps I'd got the syntax wrong and dived into the online guide to login scripts. Chose the simplest possible mapping command - MAP DISPLAY OFF - and checked to see if I could save that. Same error.

Also found that even if I cancelled, agreed to lose the changes and then went back to the object, it now complained that I was trying to open an object that was already open.

Tried with different user objects. Got the same behaviour on all.