Taking it a step beyond Kevin's wonderful article
I have a need to get an old NetWare 6.5.5 cluster (they won't let me
update it!) off of the similar vintage hardware, including the shared
SCSI storage. Everything I've found on virtualizing the cluster has
been strictly about the nodes, leaving the storage as is, but in this
case we really need to move off of the failing storage that doesn't
have any migration path of its own to the SAN.

I think I know what it will take, but would like to see others'
thoughts on the process additions to Kevin's Cool Solution to compare
and discuss.
We only have a 15 hour window to do the migration which kills the
Migration Wizard approach due to way too many small files & folders.

They are comfortable (and leaning towards) with this ending as a single
node, with cluster services turned off. vSphere HA is good enough for
their needs. I figure the path for either is very similar.

And in the prep process, I see that NetWare is no longer a supported
Guest past ESX 5.1, though they do have a number of other NetWare boxes
running just fine on 6.0 (getting ready to jump to 6.5). Any
thoughts/observations on that?

Andy of
http://KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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