Running 11.4.2 agents.

I'm trying to install/update GroupWise 2014.2.2 client on all workstations. Historically, I've always created an MSI bundle and pointed to groupwise.msi , but from what I'm reading (gw docs) it says to use install.bat to run the setup (install.bat /unattended). Trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this.. in my tests, doing this leaves a cmd prompt open while the install is running, which a user can simply click the X on and screw the whole thing up.

Also, is there a way to run this if a user is logged in to workstation, sitting at C+A+D screen, OR powered off waiting for next login?

The "old" way I used to do it was publish the bundle to their desktop. The bundle would have an install action of installing groupwise.msi, and a launch action of program files\novell\groupwise\grpwise.exe .. it would install on first click, then simply launch grpwise after that.

Looking for the cleanest way to accomplish this, and to ensure all users are updated. Curious how everyone accomplishes this kind of stuff. Thanks!