I thought I'd post this as a shot in the dark since I think both the vendor and Microfocus will play the blame game on the other in trying to resolve my issue.

So our organization is using a software program called Power PDF Standard. There is an email function in the software that sends the PDF to the mail client, just like any other mail to.
It worked on all versions of GW2014 to date. I updated my workstation to 14.2.2 and this function no longer works from the PDF software. And I've confirmed this on multiple computers.
Of course the PDF vendor isn't much help because it DID work with previous versions of GW 2014. So i'm wondering what could of broke?
GroupWise is basically set as the default mail program for everything on the workstations, and I am able to send to email from all other Office apps, adobe reader, IE,etc. Just not this app.
And nobody wants to take the 15 extra seconds now to save the pdf then send it to the mail client.
So i thought i'd throw out here if anyone has any ideas...
Thanks in advance!