Case : OES Server Linux
Problem : Intermittingly dropping service ( Netstorage )
Problem used to disappear after reboot.

Now problem did not dissappear.
- Edirectory did not come up.
- So it seems my edirectory is broken....
- ndsrepair does not work ; Unable to connect to NDS Server, access denied.
- ndsstat : symbol lookup error ; undefined symbol 'SAL_GetAddrBufList'
- ndsd --version : 8.8 Sp8 v20810.20
- ndsd log file : dxevenet cannot open shared object file
symbol lookup error
- Reconfigure OES Services replied ; Cannot find the OES product add-on
- Trying to add the OES product Add-on, but that requires a validation from the "master" server,
to which it does not validate
- Backup has the same problem
How to fix this :-(