Has anybody tried using the "Help Desk Actor Actions" web service option? I'm trying to add some additional functionality to the Helpdesk page and this seemed like a good option but there are some issues.

1. You can only add headers to the web service call. There is not option to add body content(JSON) or parameters (GET).
2. SSPR does not display the returned JSON. It just returns that the web service executed.

What I am trying to do is display the badPasswordTime from Active Directory. Since this is a DC specific (probably the wrong terminology) attribute it isn't as easy a just syncing an attribute in eDirectory and then displaying that value. I thought an easy solution would be a web service that queries all of our DCs then returns the latest date but the "Help Desk Actor Actions" just doesn't seem to be configurable enough. I have more complicated solutions in mind but I'm trying to avoid those.

Does anybody have any thoughts or experience using the web service option?