This has been an ongoing issue since we've been on Filr 2, but not too many people use it, yet. Looking at Filr 3, possibly for this year, and hoping that it does not have this issue, however, I would like to get this solved if it's not too much trouble.

This is old thread that has some information in it:

Craig referred me to this TID:

I had moved the server to another VM host at one point, and had to fix the NIC situation, but think it's correct. It only has the one NIC right now.

Basically, it will show a "403 Access Forbidden Page" on it's own at some point, or anytime I have to restart the server.

The fix is to go into VAADMIN console, go to Configuration->Network and uncheck Port Redirection, click OK, check Port Redirection, click OK, then click Reconfigure Server. This fixes it every time.

Is there a way to set a CRONJOB to reconfigure this setting every night, or how do I tell what isn't running and what to start up?