I need to upgrade our Netware 6.5 Ldap Server to OES.

I understand when upgrading from eDirectory 8.7.x to eDirectory 8.8.x, the Ldap Mapping Table is rebuilt.

We have customized Ldap Attribute/Class Mappings that I don't want to loose.

I would like to export the Mappings to a CVS file.

I have attempted to export from ConsoleOne and iManager but the requests fail with an ldap_simple_bind failed: 81(Can't contact LDAP server), dn: cn=johndoe,o=container

If I use a third party ldap browser, I can authenticate to the ldap server via 389 or 636 without any errors.

Is there another tool or method to retrieve the Mapping lists and save to csv or some other usable format?

Thanks, Dave.