Hi all, for some time now I have been getting reports, from multiple persons, about a bug in GroupWise while attempting to print in bulk different type of attachments. Therefore, I did a little checking. The first person I spoke to told me that he receive a lot email with different types of attachment (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.). In addition, he need to print them, C.V., since that person works for the human resources. So he select all the email he need, right click on them and select the option "Print...". In the new window popup he then select every attachment he wants, select the option to print the attachments with the associate applications and finally click on "Print". That way he gets errors popup about Word 2016 having open dialog preventing the printing from working with Word attachments. That said, if he does the same test but this time doesn't activate the option to print the attachments with the associate application, then the Word attachments works correctly. However, this time all he get from the pdf attachments are blank pages. And after looking in the MF GroupWise 2014 client forums, all I can see is that it has something to do with the Oracle Outside In viewers. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance for your help