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Thread: About TableCell & JSP tag of iManager

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    About TableCell & JSP tag of iManager


    Here is six questions from our partner.
    I attached sheet with screen shots and detail questions and writing jsp file by our partner in questions.zip.
    Please tell me if you know answer of the questions even one questions also.

    10 About TableCell

    10-Q1 The limitation of maximum items in the list
    It can create the list under a certain condition in iManager screen.
    If there is a lot of items, it can display them using scroll bar.
    How many items is the maximum item in order to be able to display? (example, it is 1000 items.)
    (if there is a limitation and reaching over the data, what happens? )

    10-Q2 Parameter for maximum items to display in the list
    In the above 10-Q1,
    It is possible to give max items as parameter? (example, it is 100 items.)
    (If it is possible and giving the max items and reaching over the data, it can display error as example, etc.)

    10-Q3 Unit name in TableCell
    It displays “10 items” on the upper right if there is 10 items.
    The customer wants to display “10 records“ as example, in stead of “10 items”.
    Is it possible?
    If it is possible, please tell us which files they should modify.

    10-Q4 Select-All and Deselect-All functions for the check box of TableCell
    The customer thinks Select-All and Deselect-All functions are controlled by java script.
    Please tell us which files they should modify for event of check box and functions.

    11 About JSP tag

    11-Q1 Remove button
    It is possible to change style with color etc for the remove button on the left upper?
    If it is possible, please tell us which files they should modify for changing style.

    11-Q2 <iman>j tag in jsp
    The customer wants to know API specification of <iman> tag for iManager.
    Is there a documentation for the API?
    Is it possible to send iman.tld file to the customer because they directly want to look at the file?
    > I KNOW NOW: "I can get this file from the server that iManager is installed. Thanks."

    iman.tld file is refered by the following:

    <%@ taglib uri=""/WEB-INF/iman.tld"" prefix=""iman"" %>"

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