Hello Forum Members,

I have a First Name, Last Name problem in caching mode. In Hungary we use "Lastname Firstname" name format (without comma!). GW does not supports this name format at all. So after 2 years the decision was made to write the eDirectory fullname attribute into the Last Name attribute of GW with IDM and delete the First Name value. This works fine for users in online GW client and webmail. If they send an email then the sender format is correct "Lastname Firstname". In caching mode the name is also correctly displayed in the upper left corner, and in the Account,Account Options,Properties menu. But if they send a message, the sender is displayed as "Firstname Lastname Firstname". And this is not funny at all. If I drop the caching mailbox and recreate it, then the name is displayed correctly "Lastname Firstname". But dropping the caching mailbox for 20k users is hard to accept. So the question is that is there something that can help in this situation? A hidden gwcheck option or a tool?