A customer has the following case:

1. The user accesses a service through AM
2. It is a form fill application
3. AM fills out the username field
4. AM fills out the password field with the value from a Secret Store pair. Meaning the currently stored value for this password. The secret store is on a remote eDirectory 9.0.3 server.
5. If the users password in the service application is expired, this is printed out on the site
6. AM catches this and redirects to change password page for this application
7. AM uses virtual attribute (I made a javascript that returns a random string) to generate a new password (i got this working) and fill out the password fields (password and confirm password).
8. AM submits the change password form
9. Application shows message that password was changed successfully
9. AM catches this message and redirects to login page and logs on with the newly generated password

So, the problem is: When AM generates the new password and fill this into the fields, how do I also get AM to update the value for the secret store entry? As I see it, that is all I am missing. How would I do this?

Thanks in advance,