Has anyone successfully used a User List Selectbox in a form? And if you did would a kind soul enlighten me on how they did it.

The documentation states:

User List Selectbox: Adds a list of users that you can choose from in the entry form. This list is
populated from the User List element that is defined on the folder view of the parent folder...

... You need to reference this User List element by specifying the elementís data name in the
Source User List Element from the Parent Folder when creating the User List Selectbox element.

So the question is how do I know what the User List element's data name is?

The way I read it is that it's pulling the Team list of the folder and I need to specify the data name of the Team list. Is that correct?

And if I wanted to create a subpool of team members could I create another user list just for those users, ie Managers.

So one list has all team members and one list just has managers.

Any insight would be appreciated.