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Thread: SLES 12.1 -> 12.2 breaks Remote Loader

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    SLES 12.1 -> 12.2 breaks Remote Loader

    Hi all,
    seems I'm on a roll at present. This time our remote loader ceased working after upgrading from SLES 12.1 to 12.2.

    The server in question has been hosting three remote loader instances running delimited text driver instances for a couple of months without problems (eDir 9.0.3, IDM 4.5.5, delimited text driver DT_4020).

    After migration to SLES 12.2 /etc/init.d/rdxml status reports a dead rdxml instance, while a level 3 trace stops right after the line "Loader: Loading JVM". Increasing the trace level to 5 yields a few more lines (see attached trace), but passes away after signalling settings applied to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

    Comparing level 5 traces before and after the 12.2 upgrade reveal no differences, apart from different time stamps, of course, and the use of tabulators (0x09), where the 12.2 trace sticks to spaces. As opposed to the 12.2 trace, the 12.1 file continues with

    DirXML: [...]: Loader: Starting Java loader
    DirXML: [...]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Verifying driver can be loaded...
    DirXML: [...]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Waiting for DirXML to connect on 'TCP server socket, port xxxx, address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, fromaddress yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy, using SSL'...
    DirXML: [...]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Opening connection...
    DirXML: [...]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Server socket parameters: address = /xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port = xxx keystore = 'path-to-keystore' storepass = <suppressed> SSL mode = client
    DirXML: [...]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Creating a JSSE SSLServerSocket
    DirXML: [...]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Entering listener accept()

    I don't see any alterations made to /opt/novell/dirxml during the upgrade process. Uninstalling_Identity_Manager and reinstalling again didn't help. Our eDir instances reside elsewhere, hence there are just the Remote Loader and the Delimited Text Driver around. Engine and drivers not using the remote loader are running fine under 12.2 (so far).

    I have reverted to SLES 12.1 for now, but since we don't get further patches with this version, it would be nice to switch to 12.2 as soon as possible. I'd therefore like to ask, if anybody out there has success with our RL/OS combination and if there are any tips at hand.


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