eDirectory 9.0.3 not installed SLP in RedHat 7.3

I Manually installed download from openSLP site.
yum install openslp-2.0.0-1.src.rpm --nogpgcheck
After I checked the instlation
rpm -qi openslp

Name : openslp
Epoch : 1
Version : 2.0.0
Release : 6.el7
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: Wed 21 Jun 2017 09:06:15 AM EDT
Group : System Environment/Libraries
Size : 1438253
License : BSD ........

configured DA Server,scope,Address

slptool findsrvs service:service-agent---resloved the Tree.
slptool findsrvs service:directory-agent---resloved the Tree.
slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell -- resloved the Tree

I Would like to start or stop SLP daemons
/etc/init.d/slpd start/stop
[root@XXXXXX installs]# /etc/init.d/slpd start
-bash: /etc/init.d/slpd: No such file or directory
[root@OACTCAPD0014 installs]# systemctl start slptool.service
Failed to start slptool.service: Unit not found.

Above I downloaded rpm is SUSE, there is not specific RedHat. So I installed, is there any suggestions to find SLP daemons