I had tried import thousands of users using the command like;
ice -S LDIF -f filename.ldif -a -D LDAP -s xx.xx.xx.xx -p 636 -L xxx.der -l -d cn=admin,o=novell -W -B

Everything works fine. All users had been imported as demand.
Then I tried to add a few users using the same command, i got the error said;

Record: 1, ldap_add_ext failed: 53(Server is unwilling to perform), dn: uid=xxx@xx,ou=xx,ou=xx,ou=xx,o=new1

Total entries processed: 1
Total entries failed: 1
End time: Wed Jun 21 16:22:42 2017

Total Time: 0:00:01.022
Time per entry: 00:01.022

But when I tried to change context to be shorter like; uid=xxx@xx,ou=xx,o=new2
using the same command, it didn't show error. User was added.
Very confuse, can somebody explain why? I am using admin as dn to test import user on eDir 9.03. Thank you.