Hi to all,
When I try to create a new user in Notes I always get this error ID =
4000. Message: Notes error: Could not open the ID file.
The id file exists e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\IdsCajas\RIX\servext.id

This is the trace of the RL.

NotesSubscriptionShim execute(): Case of domino 9, recycling... notes database instance
NotesSubscriptionShim execute(): Case of domino 9, new Notes Database instance created.
NotesSubscriptionShim: Connected to CN=srvidm2/OU=SERVER/O=Group
NotesSubscriptionShim: Connected as CN=L02IDM01/O=Group
NotesSubscriptionShim: Reading from names.nsf
NotesSubscriptionShim:  Input Document contains 1 Identity Manager commands
setSpecialAttrVar: attr-name="InternetAddress" attr-value=m_da_servext_RIX@rix.com
setSpecialAttrVar: attr-name="LastName" attr-value=Da Ll Hilla Laro
setSpecialAttrVar: attr-name="FirstName" attr-value=Mariap
registerNotesUser - Certifier ID File: e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\IdsCajas\RIX\servext.id
registerNotesUser - is North American: false
registerNotesUser - Creating Mail File:false
registerNotesUser - Storing UserID File in Address Book: false
registerNotesUser - Updating Notes Address Book (names.nsf)true
registerNotesUser - Log File: certlog.nsf
registerNotesUser - Server Name: CN=srvidm2/OU=SERVER/O=Group
registerNotesUser - OU: 
registerNotesUser - LastName: Da Ll Hilla Laro
registerNotesUser - FirstName: Mariap
registerNotesUser - MiddleInitial: null
registerNotesUser - ShortName: U028996D
registerNotesUser - Use Certificate Authority: false
registerNotesUser - Cert ID File: e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\IdsCajas\RIX\servext.id
registerNotesUser - Certifier Pwd: <!-- content suppressed -->
registerNotesUser - ID File: E:\Lotus\Domino\data\IDsCajas\RIX\Usuarios RIX\Desarrollo\U028996D-62Z.id
registerNotesUser - ID File Expiration Interval 20 years
registerNotesUser - ID File Expiration Date: 22/06/2037 12:25:39 CEDT
registerNotesUser - ID Type (int): 173
registerNotesUser - Minimum Password Length: null (6)
registerNotesUser - Sync Internet Password: true
registerNotesUser - Location: null
registerNotesUser - Forwarding e-mail address: null
registerNotesUser - Policy Name: null
registerNotesUser - Enforce Unique Short Name: false
registerNotesUser - DO NOT create ID File: false
registerNotesUser - Create Roaming User: false
registerNotesUser - AltFullName: null
registerNotesUser - AltFullNameLanguage: null
registerNotesUser - AltOrgUnit: null
registerNotesUser - AltOrgUnitLanguage: null
registerNotesUser - SearchKey = DirXML Notes Driver AddKey = 1498127139745
registerNotesUser: checking for existence of User CN=Mariap Da Ll Hilla Laro/OU=SERVEXT/OU=RIX/O=Group
getUNIDVectorByNotesDN: UNID not found with query =  @Matches (FullName; "CN=Mariap Da Ll Hilla Laro/OU=SERVEXT/OU=RIX/O=Group")
registerNotesUser: User CN=Mariap Da Ll Hilla Laro/OU=SERVEXT/OU=RIX/O=Group could not be found, continue with registration.
registerNotesUser: Error registering User.   ID = 4000. Message: Notes error: Could not open the ID file.
SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:

RACE:  <nds dtdveRIXon="2.0" ndsveRIXon="8.x">
		<product build="20140730_1617" instance="IDMPRODNotesP" veRIXon="">Identity Manager Driver for Lotus Notes</product>
		<contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>
		<status event-id="lnxidm03#20170622102531#1#1:b9cd0a41-75bd-48f0-33a3-410acdb9bd75" level="error">Error registering new user. </status>
Any idea?