Hi all,

We have a ZCM installation with a 11.2.4 zone and we installed a new zone with Zenworks 2017 with latest patch.
When we unregister a managed device (Windows 7, 64) in the old zone and make the registration in the new zone (ZCM2017) all seems to be fine, but the zenworks agent in the managed device continues with version 11.2.4. If we do a "Verify for last update" in ZCM console, the update process starts in managed device, but after reboot the device continue with 11.2.4 agent. In order to make a test, we download the full zcm agent form https://zen2017/zenworks-setup, but when tried to install the new agent the messages "agent is already installed" is showed.
The only way to install the new agent is uninstalling the 11.2.4 and after that installing the 2017 agent.

We need to make a migration plan and this behavior is unacceptable, any ideas about what is the best way to make the upgrade/migration to the new ZCM2017 zone?

Thanks in advance.