On 6/25/2017 9:36 PM, iblackwood wrote:
> Hi,
> We have Netware servers on remote sites and wish to report against them,
> so obviously we need to run agents on another platform (Windows with
> Client or OES Linux).
> Our Engine and SQL servers will be in the central data centre with WAN
> links to the sites, so I assume we are best putting the agents out on
> each site ?
> Do I really need to install a full Windows server at each site (with
> client) or can I install the agent piece on a (dedicated) Windows 7 x64
> virtual machine with the client installed ?
> Note this is reporting is so we can move the files off the Netware
> servers, so it isn't a long term solution.
> Cheers
> Ian


It's not a supported configuration - only Windows Server installs are
supported - but a Windows Workstation VM may indeed work. The installer
and config utility will run on them. You'd need .NET 4.6.2 as well. We
strongly recommend a Windows Server OS, however.

-- NFMS Support Team