I was setting up an additional GWIA to handle IMAP traffic for my campus full of Macs. In the process, I created a new secondary domain. All well and good.

Then I decided that I wanted to change the way I had done it, and that the easiest way to do it was to delete and start over. After all, it wasn't really doing anything yet anyway. Here's where I made the mistake. I deleted the MTA first thinking that would take the domain with it. Nope. So now I have an essentially orphaned Secondary Domain and GWIA left gumming up the works.

Have tried everything I can think of to get these objects cleared out, but had no luck. Can't delete the Domain because it says the "Context Is Not Empty" because the GWIA is still there. And trying to delete the GWIA results in it just hanging as Pending forever because things aren't replicating correctly because of the missing MTA. And I think I've monkeyed with things enough that the system is fairly confused about it all at this point.

The system is actually still working fine for now, as far as users sending and receiving mail. But I know that I need to get these extraneous objects cleared out in order to be able to make any future changes. Just sort of at a loss how to do it. Like I say, this secondary domain has nothing of any consequence attached to it, and I'm not worried about trying to salvage anything. I just need the Primary Domain to let me delete it and forget that it ever existed. Seems like there would be a force delete option somewhere in there, but I can't find it.

Any advice welcome.