In a SOAP driver, I'm making a call to the SOAP API using cmd:execute($destCommandProcessor,$LV_CMD_XML)
The response is picked-up on the pub channel and executed again. Is this something with missing operation-data in the XML message that I'm posting ($LV_CMD_XML)?

A SNIP on the response, which is what I think is firing the second call.
[06/28/17 07:45:11.862]:PlanView ST:            Applying schema mapping policies to input.
[06/28/17 07:45:11.863]:PlanView ST:            Applying policy: %+C%14CPV-SchemaMap%-C.
[06/28/17 07:45:11.864]:PlanView ST:            Resolving association references.
[06/28/17 07:45:11.864]:PlanView ST:            Processing returned document.
[06/28/17 07:45:11.865]:PlanView ST:            Processing operation <ReadResponse> for .
[06/28/17 07:45:11.868]:PlanView ST:            Direct command from policy result