So my understanding was that one of the primary reasons for redeveloping Designer on LDAP vs. NDAP is that jClient was picky about maintaining connection state, it didn't do any heartbeat, so when you lose connection intermittantly as you do potentially on VPN it would require you "reconnect" manually from time to time. I do almost all my work over VPN so this was a challenge. LDAP sessions are usually made and torn down each time you connect so it would not have that problem.

Not so much. I do see much improvement on the LDAP version, sync isn't significantly faster but it does seem more reliable, and so I am happier, but not totally happy. What I see is that from time to time (and I can't tell you what the actual cause is yet), I do get an error dialog (which I used to get on the NDAP version about half the time I lost the NCP connection):

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This appears about after having Designer idle for 45-60 minutes (i.e, after lunch, after testing, etc.) when connecting to my client over VPN.

Any ideas?