I am on UA 4.5.4

When I deploy a new prd, it seems that I am not able to add it to featured
items, unless I restart UA.

In other words:
I deploy the workflow
Go into "Edit Featured Items"
Search for the PRD, it is not there.
Wait for several hours, it is still not there
Boot the production environment
And now I can add the PRD.

How does the UA find out which prds are available, so we can see them in
"Edit featured items"?
How can we trigger and update of the list of prds, so that we can find
them in "Edit featured items".

We could request them directly, but we have hidden that functionality from
the users (since it did seem kind of counter productive to present the
users with 18000+ roles, and the search dialogue is not suitable for
"normal" people)