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Thread: Chrome App "Micro Focus iPrint Privacy Error"

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    Chrome App "Micro Focus iPrint Privacy Error"

    We pushed the Micro Focus iPrint app for Chrome to a lot of our users through Google admin console. We noticed (on Chromebooks and also Windows machines and Macs where those users were signed into the Chrome browser) that "Micro Focus iPrint Privacy Error" boxes started popping up somewhat randomly. You could close one error and another would take its place immediately, lasting usually for a couple minutes until you could close them all without more appearing. Playing around with it a little, we found that sometimes (but not every time) going to a particular website would kick them off. If you clicked on "View Details" in the error box, sometimes it would show the website's address as the connection in question, other times it would show something like the address in the attached picture.

    There's a closed thread that looks like it was about something similar: https://forums.novell.com/showthread...-Privacy-Error

    In that thread most were pointing to the certificates on the appliance being the source of the issue. I'm not sure if that's the case with what we're seeing though, because at this point we are only pushing the app to these machines, we had not installed any printers to them from the appliance, and had not otherwise pointed them to our server. I've been told staff members are also seeing them on their home computers on which they've logged into the Chrome browser with their staff Google credentials.

    Something else I've run into, which may or may not be related, we're running an environment right now where we have iPrint Appliance 3.0 installed for use by mobile devices, but are also running OES iPrint (OES 11 sp2) for desktops with iPrint client 6.06 installed. People are signing into the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac desktops and, because we're pushing the Micro Focus iPrint app to our users, are getting that app installed in the browser on their desktop. If they try to install a printer from our OES iPrint printers page using the Chrome browser, it also pops up those privacy error boxes from the Micro Focus iPrint app, with the address that it wants to trust being our OES iPrint print server manager. If we choose to then trust it, and go back and try to install a printer from the OES iPrint page, you get another error coming from the app that says "To add the printer, the iPrint Server must be upgraded to the latest version". If you remove the iPrint app from from Chrome, you can install printers from our OES iPrint page with no problem. When the app is installed, you can go to another browser and install printers, so there is a work-around, but as we get more Google-centric I think it will become more of an issue.
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