Sentinel includes
  • Stronger security by enabling the use of multi-factor authentication
  • Ability to manage, utilize, and customize multiple dashboards in addition to the Threat Response Dashboard (introduced in Sentinel 8.0)
  • New out-of-the-box dashboards highlighting Security Health (including vulnerabilities and attempted exploits) and Event Monitoring
  • Ability to use external threat feeds to inject threat type and threat reputation scores into events
  • Expanded functionality in the scalable storage solution (introduced in Sentinel 8.0) to simplify deployment and reduce the footprint needed to use correlation and alerting features
  • Seamless upgrade and migration to scalable storage for existing deployments
  • Bug fixes for Sentinel Agent Manager
  • Resolves Java Deserialization (CVE-2016-1000031) security vulnerability

You can upgrade to Sentinel 8.1 from Sentinel 7.4 or later.

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