First off, an SR is open on this, but It's been outstanding all day and I'm now behind schedule, so thought I'd appeal to the masses...

It seems to have only happened since having an SR call open regarding some old domains and objects that couldn't be deleted. MF wanted the WPDOMAIN.DB and modified then sent it back. They asked me to copy it back, then rebuild the POA DB. I did this and it seemed OK.
But this weekend, I got lots of emails, I mean hundreds, saying "DF2A Ignoring this request because it is a duplicate of one already in progress".

I opened another SR and was advised to down the POA, rename the NGWCHECK.DB, then restart the Mailbox maintenance task, which I believe was the content check.
I tried this earlier, and after 4 hours, it was still on the same 'current msg' that it was from the start. I don't know why it would ever take anywhere near this long anyway, as it's a PO with less than 15 mailboxes. None of them are gigantic either.

Can anyone offer any insight? Im sure the SR will come back to me tomorrow, but I'm really after a fix ASAP to this one, as I want to get the server upgraded to 2014 R2 ASAP.

TIA, Alan