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If I were you I would try iManager Workstation next, both with its
built-in browser and also with your regular Firefox browser. Another
option may be to explicitly clear cache/cookies in Firefox, or maybe use a
private browsing mode in Firefox or Chrome to try to rule out the use of
cache/cookies, on the off chance it's a caching problem (unlikely;
iManager has a bug that basically disables all caching for everything always).

If a clean version of iManager Workstation works, then we can try adding
iManager plugins until things break; if not, then perhaps you can get a
Service Request (SR) opened. I have not seen this myself, and I have a
hard time believing it would get past testing as basic as it is, so
probability has me focusing on your side of things, as unfair as that may
be. :-)

Good luck.

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Ok so I tried a few things.
Clear firefox cache - no change
Install latest Workstation build ( - no change
Ran Firefox with Workstation - no change
Upgrade server instance from to - no change
Install Chrome - no change

Increased the logging on the server and got this:

com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExcept ion: (Error-601)The object name entered could not be found in the context specified. Refer to Help for all listings of possible causes and solutions.
at com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExcept ion.newException(UniqueSPIException.java:103)
at com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jclient.NDSNamespaceImpl.r esolveSPIException(NDSNamespaceImpl.java:6253)
at com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jclient.NDSNamespaceImpl.g etContext(NDSNamespaceImpl.java:6662)
at com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jclient.NDSNamespaceImpl.g etObjectEntry(NDSNamespaceImpl.java:2091)
at com.novell.admin.DirXML.IDMPanelInfo.pushIsCaribou OnDSet(Unknown Source)
at com.novell.admin.DirXML.DirXMLOverview.execute(Unk nown Source)
at com.novell.emframe.dev.Task.execute(Task.java:505)

So the process I'm running is to migrate a user into the Identity Vault via a JDBC driver, selecting "user" type and then selecting a custom attribute with a value.
The process runs fine i.e. I get the "the migration process has started successfully" dialogue box. But when clicking "ok" on this box it loads the iManager front page in itslef instead of closing.

Does this error suggest a different problem to resolve?