I'm looking for instructions for manually removing the agent from a Linux box. I have not turned up anything. It seems that previous versions of ZCM had an agent cleanup utility but (a) that appears to be a Windows-only tool and (b) I didn't even find that for ZCM 2017.

I had some minor problems with one of my SLES 11 satellites. After trying the usual superstitions - clearing the cache, refreshing, rebooting, removing the content role, restoring the content role, and so forth - with no luck, I thought it might be a good idea to reinstall the agent. So I ran the uninstall - choosing local uninstall only - and then ran the install bin. The installation "ran" in two seconds, saying it was "successful", when in fact it was not successful. There is no zac or uninstall script. The satellite is not in contact with the primary. If I re-run the installer, it again runs in no time, and claims to be successful.

Can't install, can't uninstall. My minor problems have become a disaster.

If anyone can point me to instructions for manually removing the agent in Linux, or has some tips from personal experience, I would greatly appreciate it.