A new manager (on a single PO system) asked for a list of users who
- Granted others Proxy access
- Are using rules
- Are sharing folders

The first two are easy enough
1) run a GWCheck Analyze/Fix Contents with verbose logging (takes a
bit longer than normal Contents but has a MUCH larger output, about 30+
times the size)
2) on a system with egrep
egrep "user =|Access granted" content.log >proxy.txt
egrep "user =|RULE_RECORD" content.log >rulzusrs.txt

but the shared folders just don't show there in that most logical
place, nor can I find them anywhere else. Anyone have any ideas of
where else a list of users with Shared folders could be extracted?

Andy of
http://KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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