Hi. I am in the middle of migrating off some old Redhat 5 system to Redhat 6. So I have got to one Tree with about 160,000 users. Those users are all in one partition. The Tree currently has 4 servers, so 4 replicas of this large partition.

I am torn between when I add another Redhat6 server to the Tree, should I remove an old Redhat5 one first? Ie I am just thinking of adding a new large replica to a Tree with 4 existing replicas, or 3. The system originally had only 3 servers, and when I added the first new Redhat6 server it took about 4 hours to add. It has had about an hour of 745 errors when the change cache got corrupt and had to rebuild. But in the end it added just fine even with zillions of skulk already in progress.

I am just concerned adding another one will really increase the time, but its been awhile since I have been quite heavy in edirectory and I believe the transitive sync may kind of prevent that?

Also years ago I had tried to a dibclone for out large edirectory systems, and that just didnt work out to well. I cannot remember what the errors were. But it just never seemed to work properly.

Thank you for any thoughts.