Ever since I've deployed Filr the biggest problem that I'm running into is deploying client updates to my users. Is there a way to silently and automatically deploy client updates to users that have Filr installed? The limitation is that my users don't have local administrative rights so can't perform the update themselves. From my experience I am running into 2 scenarios as follows:

Scenario 1- Zenworks
I download the newest client EXE from the web portal and make a Bundle that copies it to the local machine then executes it as a dynamic administrator. The process completes successfully but in the process changes the currently logged in user's desktop to that of the dynamic administrator's so it causes confusion for the user and requires a reboot to complete.

I have added the client EXE to my GPO to try to run it as the installed user, unfortunately the EXE extracts the installation files and something in there isn't signed so I haven't been able to figure out how to add it to policy to let users run the updater when it is detected.

Scenario 2- Manual
I can download the EXE from the web portal, exit any open Filr instance and then manually run the installer as an administrative account. Filr installs and doesn't require a reboot to start working correctly. Unfortunately it requires IT to hunt down laptop users and try to pry their laptops away for a few minutes to perform the update. Also, with being a manual update it feels like Filr is getting pretty frequent updates, which is good, but from an end user perspective it feels too frequent.

What I'm looking for is a solution to either allow the user to perform the update themselves when they receive the notification that there is an update available, or to package Filr in Zenworks so that it will more discretely perform the update without disrupting the user's environment and requiring a reboot. Does anyone have a way to do this?